Madison Street Capital – article recap

The Chicago-based boutique investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital, has garnered a reputation in the industry that continues to positively grow to this day. The firm’s expertise and experience in financial advisory is unmatched and they cater to the lower and middle market that has set them apart from the rest domestically as well as internationally. Some of Madison Street Capital’s major clients include Central Iowa Energy, Bond Medical Group and Fiber Science. The firm is known to build their relationships with each of their clients, making sure everyone included has a positive outcome.


On January 4, 2017, Madison Street Capital were announced as an exclusive financial advisor for DCG Software Value, a global provider of premium software development services, during its merger with Spitfire Group. The CEO of Madison Street Capital, Mr. Charles Botchway, did not disclose any terms of the transaction but remained pleased that his clients were satisfied with their services. The executive of Spitfire Group and DCG Software Group praised Madison Street Capital after the deal and shared that they will continue to work alongside its expert financial advisory team. During that same year, Madison Street Capital advised a successful sale and leaseback transaction for WLR Automotive Group that was worth $13.2 million.


Madison Street Capital is an international boutique investment banking firm that offers its diverse clients with tailored financial advisory services. Madison Street Capital’s team of professionals provide their clients with expert advisory and valuation services that include: mergers and acquisition, buyout, reorganization, private placement, capital restructuring, bankruptcy, tax planning and many other corporate financial services for both publicly and privately held companies. Madison Street Capital was founded by CEO Charles Botchway and COO Anthony Marsala in 2005. The firm is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and has several international operations located in Africa and India. Madison Street Capital has an annual revenue of over $50 million.


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Ronald Fowlkes: Protection

Protection is necessary in this world for survival. This is double true for our armed forces and military because their responsibility to protect this country is central to our survival. Without the proper protective equipment or gear we and they would be in major trouble. Fortunately, we have people who are dedicated to creating and testing gear and many other gadgets for our armed forces like the police, military and even security guards.One of the people dedicated to this very important task of duty is Ronald Fowlkes.

Ronald Fowlkes is the manager of Business Development at Eagle Industries and the Director of Business Development at a very important company called First Spear. Fowlkes’ job is to communicate with the many different international professional Law departments and military groups about the various facets of their products. He is also responsible for demonstrating and advertising the products to those same groups. Robert Fowlkes is very qualified to handle or work in this positions because of his vast experience in the field himself. His love and knowledge for the military and armed force groups is unparalleled in his department. Fowlkes was a U.S. marine straight out of high school at 17 years old. He remained a Marine from 1989 to 1993. Robert Fowlkes is a legitimate veteran of the First Gulf War. As a member of JIEDDO the joint improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization he was tasked with actually enabling and disabling infantry operations in the zone of combat, this included highly sensitive and combustive explosives. Fowlkes was also a SWAT tactics team instructor after his military days.

Fowlkes first came to know First Spear products while in the military and always remembered how well the products functioned. For over two 20 years Ronald Fowlkes has participated in the manufacturing of the equipment our armed forces use in the field. The products themselves are all made domestically in the U.S> According to Fowlkes he believes teamwork is the major key to success in his business and many others and so thinks we should try to surround ourselves with good people. This may be well true as he and his team have recently created a gear set that is 40% lighter than the usual based on tube and laser cutting technology. He hopes to focus this towards security guard type forces in the future. It seems with Ronald Fowlkes on duty that our military and armed forces are just as protected as the citizens.


Sheldon Lavin’s Accomplishment

Sheldon Lavin, currently the CEO of OSI industries, worked in the banking and financial sectors before joining the OSI group at the time known as Otto and Sons, where he was employed as a consultant in 1970. Later in 1975, he was named a partner in the company, and he helped develop the companies operate in Europe, Asia and South America. Due to his significant contributions to the OSI industries, the early 1980s took over the leadership of the OSI.

OSI has received several awards since Sheldon Lavin became its CEO. These awards include; the environmental management award in 2016, the health management and safety risk prize in 2013, 2015 and 2016, the globe of honour by British safety council among others. In 2016 his efforts of placing the OSI group among the top companies globally were recognized, and thus he earned himself the global visionary award. This award is given by India’s Vision World Academy to leaders, creative thinkers and visionaries who make their dreams a reality through helping humankind. Not only has he received the visionaries award but also the award for being part of the Sheba foundation. He is also one of the board members of Rush University Medical Centre and a Trustee in the Ronald McDonald House Charities, and learn more about Sheldon Lavin.

In an interview, Sheldon Lavin said that one of his dreams was to make the OSI Company grow to higher heights which have been a success. He also stated that he always had the passion for innovation and always wanted to start a food company that would grow to be a global enterprise.

Amick Farms, a company that produces chicken products, became part of the OSI group in 2016. With Sheldon Lavin as the CEO of OSI, the company has earned itself acquisitions from Flagship and Baho food as well.

During his tenure in the OSI, he has contributed to charity severally as a sign of compassion to the less fortunate. Some of the significant charities are Girls and Boys club of Chicago, United Negra College Fund, house charities of Ronald McDonald among others, and

Dr. Saad Saad: Renowned Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. SaadSaad is a renowned pediatric surgeon known for his accomplishments in the healthcare industry. Dr. Saad’s practice is mainly based in Eatontown, New Jersey. His other offices are located in Forked River and other offices in Eatontown. He has 42 years of experience in medicine, pediatric healthcare, and surgery under his belt. Prior to his specialization in pediatric surgery, he also had experience collaborating with teams for general adult surgery.


Dr. Saad is affiliated with the following medical centers: Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Monmouth Medical Center and Clara Maass Medical Center. He has received numerous awards throughout his practice of medicine. He is presently retired and accepted an interview which talked about his insights on becoming a doctor and many life lessons he learned throughout his medical career.



Lessons By Dr. SaadSaad


  1. Do not let circumstances define who you are

Dr. Saad came from a lower income family. His father worked as a petroleum worker during the time when oil was still becoming a big export in the Middle East. Their family moved to Kuwait and this was where he learned a valuable lesson from his childhood and from his father.


His father taught him that the only way for him to succeed is to garner the respect of people around him through education. He saw the dedication and hard work of his father and this is what inspired him to be persistent in his studies as well. He eventually flew to America and pursued a medical career from there. Dr. Saad believes that he chose not to be a victim of his past situation, but rather he used it as a lesson and an opportunity to strive even harder.



  1. Do what you can today, and don’t wait for tomorrow

Dr. Saad’s life is defined by his ability to grab the opportunities ahead of him. He believes that opportunities exist for a reason, and people who are determined enough to succeed grab them ahead of time.


He saw this take effect in his career when he pursued the certification for the US Board of Surgeons. During the 80s, this was a rare accomplishment, even more so if you’re a medical practitioner originating from another country. Through his determination, he was able to gain that certification and became the top few in his league.


Dr. SaadSaad was also able to improve his medical practice in surgery by devising a procedure that removed the need to have a second incision. He believes that medicine is a continuously evolving practice, and doctors must strive to give the best care for their patients. These accomplishments are a result of his sheer will to accomplish what needs to be done at present rather than leaving them all for the uncertainty of the future. Learn more:

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Bradesco Appoints New President

In Sao Paulo, Banco Bradesco S.A. has made the announcement of a new president. Octavio de Lazari Junior will be replacing Luiz Carlos Trabuco in the executive board. Sources state that Trabuco will remain in the Presidency of the Council as well as the executive position until March 12th, when a general meeting will be held. Lazari Junior, quoted as one of the names to succeed Trabuco, left his dream of being a footballl player to work in the bank unit. Lazari’s father was a client and he used the relationship with the manager to help claim the vacancy for his son.

After taking the test, they chose him for the job, but it was not in mind for him to be president. Contrary to popular belief, Lazari used this opportunity to improve himself, study, as well as work through different areas. Trabuco mentions that Lazari still must work hard as this is the second largest bank in the country and he will hold a very important position.


This process of succession actually began in Octoer and that was when Lazaro de Mello Brandao resigned the chairmanship of the bank’s Board of Directors. That taking place was the reason Trabuco rose to the collegiate presidency. The bank made the statement that at that time the new president would come from the current staff of the financial institution. Clearly Bradesco is a victor, as Lazari seeks to continue as well as renew the legacy left by Brandao and Trabuco.

Knowing that Lazari would be one of 7 vice presidents, this in turn weighed the horizontal experience that Octavio Lazari has for choice. The personal merits of Lazari Junior are recognized by the companions and are deserving of all distinction. He began working in the Credit area in the late 1990s, and from there he became director according to As director he was responsible for the Corporate, Small, and Medium Business and Retail segments. Promoted to department director in 2010, he became CEO in 2012. In 2017, Lazari Junior made the step up to executive director VP and President of Bradesco Seguros Group.

As his term is coming to a close, lets take a look at some of Luiz Trabuco’s history with the company as he turns over his position to Lazari Junior. Having been the Chief Executive Officer of Banco Bradesco S.A. since March 10, 2009 and serving as its Executive Vice President, his time at this position has come to an end with the appointment of Lazari Junior. He began his professional activities as Bradesco on April 17, 1969 and has lead this company with a legitimate and top ranked legacy over the years.

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Madison Street Capital, Redefining Investment Market Operations

M&A Advisor Awards over the years has hosted one of the most significant financial awards across the world. The awards attract various financial firms that are consistent in providing exceptional financial services to the corporate world. The 16th annual awards were not different. The financial firms nominated for multiple categories in 2017 showed a higher level of competitiveness. Held at Metropolitan Club in New York City, the awards were in line with the company’s quest to inform the financial world on purchases and mergers. From 1998, the company has been consistent with giving the financial world insightful and well researched financial opinions, which in return are helpful in decision making in the financial world.


Madison Street Capital last November awards were one of the biggest winners for the whole awards having won in the category of Debt Financing Deal. The Debt Financial Deal category had a broad pool of options, which the M&A Advisor choose from it. According to the company Co-CEO, David Fergusson who is also the company’s president, the decision to select the Madison Street Capital was subject to a couple of things such as integrity, leadership, and excellence in their work. Madison Street Capital was able to compete successfully against the best financial firms and this according to David Fergusson is not a small achievement.


Winning in that competitive category was because of consistency of hard work and good clients such as WLR Automotive. This is according to the company’s CEO Charles Botchway. Although the company did not win in other categories such as Financials Deals and Boutique Investment Banking categories, being finalists in these categories was by itself impressive. The award celebrations have been eventful over the years, and apart from just celebrating the companies that have been consistency in the financial market, it presents awards to individuals as Leadership Awards. The year 2017 was a good year for Ceasar N. Anquillare who is the current CEO for Winchester Capital who received the honor.


The high recognition of Madison Street Capital by the M&A Advisor Awards panels shows the importance of the firm’s scope of operation. As an international firm specializing on investment, the company has guided corporates over the years on all the aspects on investments such as providing valuable opinions on financial markets, as well as it proficiency on merger and acquisition. When contracted to handle a commercial project, the firm approaches it on a different dimension processing all the necessary transactions on behalf of the company, which leads to smooth transfer of properties. Per the changing world, Madison Street Capital is keen to keep up with the trends, especially in the investment sector. These are emerging markets and give the corporates working with Madison Street Capital a golden moment to expand and grow. This explains the firm’s obsession with the emerging markets.

The Top Company in Real Estate Development- Boraie Development

About Boraie Development LLC

The Boraie Company capitalizes on the development of the urban real estate services that include estate developments, sales, and property management. Located in New Brunswick, Boraie Development LLC is classified under the warehouses and industrial buildings category. The company which was first incorporated in 1986 has its headquarters in New Jersey. What’s more, the company’s 35 employees are dedicated to seeing to it that they offer the clients value beyond expectations by building magnificent properties. Furthermore, Boraie delivers by partnering with visionary architects, financial institutions, and contractors who assure the projects are well done on time.

About Omar Boraie

According to NY Times, Omar Boraie is the president of the Boraie Development LLC. The successful 73-year-old businessman has worked for over 40 years in the real estate development. His most recent project that his company undertook was the Deluxe Luxury High-Rise Residential Estate which is located on Somerset Street in Aspire City. As a visionary leader, Omar’s dream of seeing New Brunswick transformed with the high-rise building is what drove him to establish the Boraie Development Company which succeeded earning him respect in the sector. Moreover, Omar Boraie is quick to mention some of the people in whom they shared the same vision of giving Brunswick a look that would only be envisioned in the New York Condominium style then.

The Latest Development by Boraie Development LLC

As a renowned brand in the real estate developments, Boraie Development LLC once again will undertake an $81 million complex project at the Atlantic City. The project which is set to begin next summer will involve the development of 250 up-scale apartments that will be the first one built in a period of 25 years in the city. What’s more, it is anticipated that Boraie project dubbed “The Beach at South Inlet” will house most of its population of about 50,000 individuals from the resort town. Equally important, with the upcoming development, brings with it an evolution of the city which had previously been dominated by the gaming industry. You can visit Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

The project will also have a positive impact by attracting investors to the city in which it has already started with the Atlantic City Gate Project Establishment. Additionally, the vice president of Boraie told the press that they leverage on meeting the client’s expectation as today’s tenants know their wants. Consequently, because Boraie Company seeks to meet its client’s want by building the modern residential, it incorporates amenities including residents lounge, swimming pools, and even gyms.


Robert Ivy Designs Better Health

According to Robert Ivy, the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects, good design could very well make us healthier. While there are some obvious examples such as simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Taking the stairs not only is better for us physically, but it also saves electricity. The more we move, the better our well-being becomes.
Along with encouraging people to use the stairs, just increasing natural light inside can help people concentrate and be less depressed. That combined with views and fresh air can make people happier at their workplace and increase productivity. Robert Ivy states that with the help of public health officials, architects have come up with new ideas for design that will benefit public health.
There are already several examples of organizations and cities that are implementing health-conscious designs. In Seattle, the Seattle Children’s Hospital is implementing biophilia as a design strategy. Biophilia is the love of living systems or life. The design elements at Seattle Children’s Hospital implements a lot of whimsy to bring cheer to the children being treated in the hospital and their loved ones that are sharing their experiences. It also offers some cheer to the staff who deal with a lot of sadness in their jobs.
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In California, they are using light as therapy in their designs facilities that care for dementia patients. Kyle Konis, an assistant professor of architecture for the University of Southern California, is the main researcher for this health-changing project. Lack of proper lighting can interrupt the circadian system leading to problems sleeping, depression, agitation, and cognitive problems. They found bright lights in the morning for Alzheimer’s patients helped with behavioral issues.
Robert Ivy attended the University of the South where he graduated cum laude and Tulane University to earn his bachelors of arts in English and his Masters in Architecture. At Tulane, he was an honorary member of Tau Sigma Delta, an architecture and allied arts fraternity.
As the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy is the main force behind a ten-year project to increase public health and more in urban areas. Prior to being CEO at the AIA, Robert Ivy worked with McGraw-Hill from 1996 to 2011 in many different roles dealing with their architectural and design publications. He has acted as Editor in Chief, Vice President, and Editorial Director for various publications. One of these was the Architectural Record, the leading architectural journal in the world.


Fabletics Personalized Shopping Experience for New Age Shoppers

Fabletics is an athleisure brand that is a subsidiary of Techstyle Fashion Group, a company that is co-owned by Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, and Adam Goldenberg. Fabletics was launched after a lot of research, and market surveys were conducted, which showcased clearly that there aren’t many brands out there that offer quality fitness and activewear for women at an affordable price.


Some of the more prominent brands do offer athleisure wear, but which have stereotypical design and are priced too high for the women looking to shop in a budget. Fabletics aims to provide a comprehensive shopping experience to its customers, which includes a heavy dose of personalization as well. It is also one of the very few companies out there that offer sizes from XXS to 3XL, which means that women with varying body sizes can conveniently shop at Fabletics without having to worry whether they would get the right fit for their body or not.


Fabletics aims to inspire people to live an active life, and Kate Hudson being one of the co-owners of the company, has helped in delivering that message loud and clear to the target audience. Some of the companies that Fabletics gave tough competition to after it was launched in the activewear category are Amazon, which currently holds close to 20-22 percent of the market share in the fashion retail segment. The growth of Fabletics in terms of turnover and patronage has been awe-inspiring to say the least, and it has given tough competition to many of its rivals. It started as an experimental venture, which has now become a major mainstream company.


One of the reasons why Fabletics has seen tremendous growth in the past few months is due to the reverse showroom technique it implemented successfully. It is a marketing technique that is previously applied by companies such as Apple and Warby Parker as well. The reverse showroom technique employed by Fabletics has helped the company in gaining more popularity as well as customers. The sales of the company have soared drastically since the physical showrooms have been opening across the country.


Fabletics has focused on using technology to its advantage and has evolved into a modern company that understands what the customers want. It uses the Big Data technology to gather data about what marketing and sales technique are working so that it can base its marketing strategy accordingly. The company has been reporting higher sales since it has started opening physical outlets across the country.

British Ambassador To Israel Taub Visits Bradford West After Unrest

Bradford West MP Joey Galloway, known for his anti-semetic stance against Jews, is once again in hot water after declaring an “Israeli-free zone.”

Shortly after the comments, British Ambassador to Israel Daniel Taub took a trip to Bradford West. Taub claims he came to the city because he was invited by faith leaders and other counselors who expressed concern over Galloway’s statements. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Taub says his opinion of Bradford West is one of tolerance, which is far different than what Galloway is promoting. Galloway insists that the city should be free of everything Jewish, according to Telegraph and Argus.

Taub went on to say that it is important that the people Bradford West live and work together and set the standard that others can look up to.

Galloway is already under investigation over his words. His anti-Semitic speech caused an outcry after it was posted on social media. A number of pro-Israel groups have taken on Galloway’s words and used them against him.

In the speech, Galloway made it clear that the city didn’t want Israeli goods, services or education. He stated that Israel is barbarous and should be rejected at all costs.

Taub responded, “The conflict is more about our past and future, rather than Sunni vs. Shia. Galloway is spending too much time trying to drag us into the past instead of seeking out the future.” Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Galloway has a long history of espousing anti-Semitic rhetoric. He once stormed out of a debate after finding out his opponent was Israeli. He has also pushed a number of wild conspiracy theories accusing Israel of creating unrest in the Ukraine and that Israel supplied chemical weapons to Al Queda.

Although the accusations were caught on tape, Galloway continues to deny that he said them.

Security has been heightened in the wake of Taub’s visit.

Taub said he came because the people invited him, and he is encouraged by the dialogue. “Galloway isn’t the true voice of Bradford West. Israel has had a long history of cooperation.”

Activists recently released a video of Galloway’s speeches and initiatives to counter his stance against Jews.