Betsy DeVos: A Woman without Limits

Back in the days, when I was trying to find a good school for my children, I interacted with some parents who were on the same mission. However, some of these parents could not fully afford to put their children through the best schools. This is because they had to part with huge school fee or alternatively take their children to schools which were somehow wanting. This touched me and my husband, Dick DeVos, and together we decided to step in and help these parents and their children go through school and get quality education. What followed was an extensive and a series of sponsorship programs for different children.

I currently sit as the head of Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, a body that seeks to give students a variety of choices to choose from to enhance their education which in different from the common education system in the USA. I have supported my husband to establish West Michigan Aviation Academy, a school that combines the highest education standards for education. I am also involved in the leadership committee of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, a body that seeks to correct the behavior of elementary school students by linking them with mentors from churches. Check her website for more info at

I have been an active participant in the Michigan politics for over 30 years. Interesting to note, I was voted to head the Michigan Republican Party four times in a row between 1996 and 2005. I have been involved in very many party activities including campaigns and action-oriented meetings. At one point, I tried to use my political skills to influence the Michigan constitution to allow a student to get easy scholarships.

About Betsy DeVos

I am a philanthropist, education activist, business lady, and an active politics practitioner. I have practiced politics for over 35 years with the aim of creating an enabling environment for everyone to live comfortably in.

I am a great philanthropist having founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, an organization that is based on giving back to the community. I have served as the chairperson of Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and have been a participant in various charity bodies including The Philanthropy Roundtable Foundation for Excellence in Education among other organizations. In most cases, the organizations are focused on providing quality education to learners.

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I graduated from Calvin College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. In collaboration with my husband, I founded the Windquest Group, a company that has the basic aim of making the world a better place. I was hired for the position of trustee (performing arts) at the John F. Kennedy Center by Head of state, George Bush. I also established a center for arts management in Michigan University.

Sawyer Howitt’s Outstanding Business Approach

     Sawyer Howitt who is a young entrepreneur acquired knowledge and skills from his father. David Howitt, his father, is the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of Meriwether Group. Sawyer Howitt proves to have an interest in the business venture. Sawyer Howitt works towards bringing his interests into reality. Sawyer has been involved in several undertakings. He started as a business strategy analyst at RFID Checkpoint. Later, Sawyer joined management consulting firm. In the company, Sawyer Howitt worked as the company’s project manager. Sawyer learned a lot about customer relationships when he worked in the customer service department at KURE Juice.

At 17 years of age, Sawyer became an intern. He was focused because he still managed to pursue his high school diploma. As an intern, Sawyer obtained a variety of business skills including meeting note taking, developing data spreadsheets and filing. Sawyer plans to use these experiences in the future to establish his own company where he will mentor future upcoming entrepreneurs.

Sawyer possesses the same strength he has in business in education. He has a plan to advance his studies and become a learned individual. Sawyer Howitt wants to study at Columbia University. Sawyer plans to specialize in entrepreneurship and finance. Sawyer’s role model is his father, David Howitt. Sawyer’s presence is highly valued in his father’s company as Sawyer is the project manager at Meriwether Group. He also helps starting companies to develop into big organizations.

Sawyer has also learned the value of serving other people. He is a philanthropist who helps support women rights and educational funding. Sawyer is currently active in the formation and management of charitable non-profitable organizations. Sawyer Howitt provides key things that young entrepreneurs need to know. Sawyer postulates that teens enjoy a level of physical resilience and energy that is usually unmatched.

Sawyer says that whenever one has a business idea, it is advisable to start it immediately. He says there is no right moment of doing any task. For businesses that require new employees, Sawyer suggests hiring the right ones. Sawyer also suggests that it is important to keep employees happy. To be successful, an entrepreneur has to maintain his focus. According to Sawyer, distractions are a hindrance to prosperity.

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InnovaCare Under The Leadership Of Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health is a company in Puerto Rico committed to offering quality medical care. This company emphasizes on highly qualified professionals to drive its growth. InnovaCare has partnered with PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. These two affiliates offer high-quality care programs with the aim of promoting the emotional and physical wellbeing of their members. In 2011, MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare received NCQA accreditation. This certification is given to a plan when it reaches or exceeds the expectation of quality assurance. This high-quality service explains why the two affiliates have a 90% customer satisfaction rate.

Dr. Richard Shinto who is a healthcare expert is the President and CEO of InnovaCare. He has adequate experience in clinical and operational healthcare. Shinto’s career began as a pulmonologist intern in Southern California. He has been a Vice President of Medical Management as well as Chief Medical Officer at Orange County’s Cal Optima Health Plan. Before this, Rick served at Medical Pathways Management Company as the Chief Medical and Operating Officer. He also worked for NAMM California and at Aveta Inc. where he served as President and CEO before joining InnovaCare. Read more about Rick on Businesswire.

Shinto was presented the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award when working for Aveta Inc. This award recognizes professionals committed to excellence. He has also written many articles on healthcare issues and clinical medicine. Rick earned his medical degree from the University of New York after graduating from the University of California with a B.S. Later on; he joined the University of Redlands for his M.B.A.

Under the leadership of Rick Shinto at InnovaCare is Penelope Kokkinides as the Chief Administrative Officer. Before being the CAO, she had served as InnovaCare’s COO. She has also served as COO and Clinical Operation’s VP at Aveta Inc. Penelope is an invaluable member of InnovaCare with over 20 years of experience and capital of knowledge in clinical programs‘ development.

Rick Shinto has been a great asset for InnovaCare and has been a force for change within the healthcare. He says that team- work is what makes InnovaCare successful. Good working relations, a clear vision, and proper communication are what leads to success. InnovaCare has enabled more people to access better medical care by making medical care more affordable. Affordability has been achieved by making good use of technology to offer quality service at cheaper rates. Rick hopes that InnovaCare will expand into new markets and make improvements that will be of benefit to patients.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny Provides a Comprehensive Understanding of Oncology

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a renowned scientist and professor of Oncology in New York, in the USA. Currently, Mikhail Blagosklonny works at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He is an expert in different fields, including cancer and aging. Therefore, for several years, he has been helping cancer patients and aged people to cope effectively with life. Blagosklonny earned an MD in Internal Medicine at the prominent First Pavlov State Medical University.

Additionally, at the same medical university, Mikhail acquired his Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology. Therefore, he is an experienced professional who is always ready to offer excellent help to his clients. He understands the essence of respecting other people, including his clients because he believes that his services are to assist them by offering solutions to the problems that seem impossible. As an expert in the field of oncology, Mikhail has helped hundreds of patients affected by tumors. He helps people to understand the illness at different stages. Also, Mikhail performs the diagnosis to the development of tumors to enhance the treatment process. He has been offering prevention tips to the aged and other people in the USA and other areas in the world, through his official online platform. Read more on

Due to his notable expertise, in 2002, Mikhail Blagosklonny became an associate professor in the field of medicine at the New York Medical College. Later on, Mikhail Blagosklonny served as a senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute. At the institution, he portrayed exceptional professionalism in his service delivery. He was able to work effectively with other team members. He formed solid teams to achieve short-term and long-term objectives of the firm.

After working as a senior scientist for several years, he gained more skills and experience. Additionally, he was able to deal with challenges in different situations and relate with people professionally. In 2009, he became a professor of oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute located in New York in the United States of America. At the institution, he has been performing several research studies in different fields, including the research about cancer therapies, anti-aging drugs, cancer cells and many others. He targets to help the old individuals who live with cancer so that the unaffected body cells do not get damaged by the deadly disease.

Mikhail’s other research areas include the following: anticancer therapeutics, tumor suppressors, mitosis, signal transduction, and apoptosis, among others. Additionally, he is an editor-in-chief of Oncotarget and Cell Cycle and Cancer, biology, and therapy associate editor. Therefore, he knows varieties of things that affect the aged and the cancer patients. He is the person who proposed the usage of Rapamycin in the treatment process of cancer. Therefore, he believes that it is possible to control cancer and the aging process. His principal objective is to fulfill his vision of having a disease-free community in the future. View his LinkedIn profile

Conclusively, Blagosklonny is a renowned author of different aspects, including aging hyperfunction theory. He has an exceptional interest in oncology. That is the reason why he continues to perform extensive researches every day to look for long-term solutions to these conditions. There are hundreds of research articles, reviews, and books published under Mikhail’s name.

Roberto Santiago The Owner of Paraiba’s Leading Commercial Center, The Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a man of many hats. He is a renowned sportsman, businessman, producer, blogger and entrepreneur and he thrives in all these areas by the way. His is a story of starting low and working hard to get to the top. By becoming one of the most successful businessmen, in Paraiba and the whole of Brazil, he has proven that indeed hard work does pay.

Santiago obtained his higher education from the Pio X-Marist College. This was before he realized that he would be better off in the business world. Therefore, he went back to school and joined University Center of Joao Pessoa, where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

After completing his higher education, Roberto Santiago was employed at Café Santa Rosa. He got the opportunity to obtain experience on how to successfully run a business. Also, his job helped him get some savings, which would be later be used in starting his own company. So, he quit his job after a few years and began his own business, a cartonage company, where he would manufacture and supply packaging materials to other companies. His business did so well that, in the year 1987, it allowed him buy a piece of land in Joao Pessoa. Visit his profile page on

Two years after buying this piece of land, he launched his first mall business, Manaira Shopping Mall. Initially, the mall was meant to only provide the locals with a strategic shopping location. However, Roberto Santiago had a bigger vision. So, he left room for expansion. Today the mall has grown to be one of the largest commercial centers in Paraiba. It has over 200 stores and over 75,000 square meters of gross leasable area. This is after undergoing five major expansions over the 28 years of is existence.

The Manaira shopping mall is not only known for its myriad of stores to enhance your shopping experience, rather it is considered to be the epitome of entertainment in Paraiba. It has 11 cinema rooms, where you can catch the latest of your favorite movie. The cinema rooms are equipped with the latest viewing technology, 3D Screens, which help to add on the fun. And, to improve visibility, all the cinema rooms have armchairs arranged like bleachers so that everyone has a perfect view.

It is only in Manaira Mall that you can get a gaming room that has over 200 gaming machines. This is to accommodate the different tastes and ages of people that step into the gaming room. But other than shopping and entertainment, the Manaira Shopping Mall provides an arena for dining and education.

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Troy McQuagge of USHEALTH Bags One Planet’s Gold Award for Best CEO

Troy McQuagge of USHEALTH Group bagged the One Planet Award in 2016. The chief executive officer of the company won the awards because of his tremendous efforts in providing unique healthcare advantage plans throughout the nation. Since he joined the USHEALTH Group, Troy has extended the services of the company by expanding its operations.


In his speech of appreciation, Troy McQuagge stated that he was elated to receive positive public recognition as that was a reflection of his efforts in the healthcare industry. He also said that the award belonged to the entire team he was working with, because without the team of advisors, it would have been impossible to coordinate the management and clients to offer healthcare services. Troy also explained that the active and supportive team has been behind numerous cutting edge services in the healthcare sector. He promised to continue providing even better healthcare insurance services for better health that means longer lives.

One Planet Awards

One Planet Awards are have been in existence for years. These awards are globally handed to organizations across the world. The awards recognize the efforts of hard-working people in business, service delivery as well as professionalism in different sectors. The One Planet Awards are open to any service providing organization that is interested in participating through the submission of the nomination. From not-for-profit organizations to start-ups, for-profit organizations to public firms, as long as the group is offering the best in professionalism, One Planet Awards will recognize the efforts. The awards cover different sectors of the industry including marketing, communications, public relations, executives, team leaders as well as firms and Troy on Facebook.

Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is a pace setting career corporate. The chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group is a serial entrepreneur who bears excellent insurance sales skills. He hails from Panama and has been instrumental in providing good and affordable coverage for Americans. Mr. Troy went to the University of Central Florida and has since amassed over thirty years experience in sales and marketing. His career began in 1983 when he worked for Allstate Insurance, a company that sold insurance. He later joined UICI, also known as United Insurance Companies Inc, in 1995.

Troy later joined the company’s agency, UGA. He was promoted to the presidency two years later. In 2006, Troy joined HealthMarkets, which was initially known as UICU. This was after private equity investors purchased the healthcare company. In AMG, named Agency Marketing Group, McQuagge registered remarkable growth by driving the insurance sales to the premium level. That marked the beginning of his success in insurance sales. With the annual sales of $1 billion, McQuagge was better placed to keep soaring through his career. Currently, he leads USHEALTH Group and its affiliates in providing excellent healthcare services and learn more about Troy.

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Securus Technologies Protecting Officers in Jail

I work in a very dangerous jail and it is hard enough having to do my job, but we have to also make sure we are safe because inmates will jump at the opportunity to harm us if the situation presents itself. If we are to lose focus for even a minute, the inmates can and will go on the offensive because most have nothing to lose. If an inmate has a life sentence, they have no deterrent to not hurt an officer, it just extends what is already a life sentence.


Each day I go to work knowing I may not come hoe to my family, but I took an oath to protect this city and my fellow officers, and I take my job serious. We have to always be doing inspections and shake-downs to keep drugs and weapons out of the jail, that helps to keep everyone that much safer. In order to stop the majority of drugs in the jail, we have different security checkpoints in the visitor center that stops most of the flow of contraband.


When Securus Technologies installed a new inmate monitoring system, we knew we could listen in on their calls even more intently now and possibly keep other types of contraband out of the jail. We had no idea how valuable this resource was going to be. Soon as my team was trained to use the LBS software, we jumped at the chance to get to see how the system worked.


The first day we listened in, the software detected chatter about inmates using drugs at night inside the cells. We heard conversations between family telling the inmates how they would smuggle in drugs. One call even tipped us off to where the contraband was hidden inside the jails without us knowing. This is especially important, because when you have a jail full of gang members who are not afraid to take risks, you have to be able to cut the snake’s head off before it bites.


Our biggest score was when we discovered that an inmate was ordered to do a hit on a rival gang member, and his fellow gang members had placed a weapon on the fence line in the yard for him to pick up and use at a certain time. Although the messages were coded, the attempts did not get past the inmate call monitoring system, and we were able to get there before anything could take place.


Marc Spark’s Impressionable Holistic Life Path

Marc Sparks is the owner and starter of Timber Creek, LLC and holds other titles such as a passionate philanthropist, author, public speaker and entrepreneur. After ten years of operating Timber Creek from its initial headquarter officer, Marc relocated the entire company to a space that will complement startup incubations. Timber Creek specializes in helping newbie entrepreneurs and businesses jump start their operations. Marc believes that the environment has a pounding effect on productivity and aims at offering clients with the best spaces.Learn more :


Marc is the author of the book They Can’t Eat You, where he vividly talks about his journey to success. He details the hurdles and achievements of entrepreneurship leading up to the establishment of Timber Creek. Marc uses his thirty-five years of experience to impact businesses profoundly in marketing, banking, funding, the working space, and mentorship. He explains that setting up an enterprise involves a heavy investment of resources and a smart business model. Timber Creek accommodates three clients simultaneously for in-depth training on all facets of operating a remarkable business.Learn more :


Marc explained the move to the new office area by comparing two extremes of a professional environment vs a shabby area. He explained that the outward directly impacts the productivity of every employee. Marc is a passionate, and focused business person whose interests lie not on making money but helping businesses scale new heights. His seasoned skills enable him to train entrepreneurs how to cross hurdles and manifest new goals in shifting market climates.


Marc Spark’s other firms include GlobalTec Solutions which he started in 2001 and led until 2005. In 2004, he started Splash Media for media marketing services that used videos, SEO, programming and SE. He is the founder of Reliant Healthcare, Agency Matrix, Cobalt Real Estate Services, Blue Jay Wireless and Boxstar. In 2014, Marc launched Cardinal Telecom LLC that presently distributes national cell phone services and products. He established Bonn Oir in 2015 to handcraft vodka products and Uncle Marc Food Delivery in the same year to deliver food products to restaurants.Learn more :


Marc has an active hand in philanthropy that participates in endeavors for more than a single niche. He is heavily involved with Habitat for Humanity that develops homes for families at affordable rates. His organization Sparkey’s Kids gave away one thousand laptops to children in need at the American Can! Academy. Marc’s longest charity activity is with The Samaritan Inn that accommodates and rehabilitates 160 people every night looking to build a better future. Sparks believes in adapting a win attitude on the way to success and giving back to the marginalized community.




JustFab & Techstyle- Transforming Fashion E-Commerce

JustFab and TechStyle may not be among the most recognizable fashion brands in the world among people who still shop at physical stores, but online shoppers are beginning to take keen notice. Both companies were co-founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, two names that you would not expect to be featured prominently among a lineup of top fashion investors. The two currently remain the co-CEOs of both companies, positions they have held since the companies were first formed.

Don Ressler is not new to investing, and neither is his partner Adam. They both formed their first companies while still just teenagers. In fact, by age 15 Adam had already owned business on Both Don and Adam ended up selling their businesses to Intermix Media, the company behind popular social platform MySpace, and moved on to work at Intermix where they eventually met. Their meeting was almost an act of fate, and they have stuck together ever since. When, in 2005, Intermix Media was acquired by News Corporation, the two decided it was time to set out and venture on their own. By combining Don Ressler’s experience in e-commerce and Adam’s investment acumen, the two then founded Intelligent Beauty.

After founding Intelligent Beauty, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler discovered that there was a gap within the fashion industry that needed to be filled. But there was one problem; the two knew very little about fashion and no idea where to start. But that did not stop them. They decided to step away from what was considered ‘normal’ within the fashion industry. And out of that desire, a new company known as JustFabulous or JustFab, in short, came to be born. TechStyle on, a sister company to JustFab, was also formed following their exit from Intermix Media and after the formation of Intelligent Beauty.

TechStyle Fashion Group is different from other regular clothing lines because of the personal touch that it adds to e-commerce and shopping in general at By signing up with the brand, members get personalized fashion items and accessories delivered to them for a fixed fee every month. All the deliveries are prepared according to the customers’ personal tastes and preferences.

Samuel Strauch, The Whole Package

Samuel Strauch is the founder and principal of Metrick Real Estate. His unique approach, open mind and excellent knowledge of his craft in equity sourcing, acquisitions, development, management and brokerage of real estate, is nothing less than a long and successful career in Real Estate and read full article.

Samuel Strauch’s beginnings start with a degree in International Business from Hofstra University, completing studies in Harvard and Erasmus University and later started his career in banking. He later moved on to join his Real Estate family business in South Florida and eventually founded his own company in 2002. Metrik Real Estate has grown and expanded in several Latin American countries, also created a management division and developed many projects.

With his open mindedness and creative thinking, he has brought many ideas to life. Meeting new people from clients to brokers, partners and others, always strengthening their relationships. Approaching with a positive attitude, observing others thoughts, socializing and paying close attention all plays a part in the formation of new ideas. If there is potential, then it’s time to implement and learn more about Samuel Strauch.

One of the things that mostly attracts anyone to Samuel Strauch would be his professionalism, but mostly his thoughts on the reality of our ever growing new generation. When asked what he would do differently, his reply couldn’t be truer to himself. While knowing the good over-weighs the bad, and keeping himself focused on what he loves, staying away from doing things he dislikes, helps him in pursuing happiness. Therefore, nothing needs to be changed.

Strauch shared his in-depth analysis of 10 US cities where young families are able to enjoy affordable homes in low crime areas and good schools. The number ten city would be Raleigh, NC, moving on to number nine is Nashville, TN. Number eight is San Jose, CA, bringing number seven to be Miami, FL. Number six and five,other FL cities are, Orlando and Tampa. Number four is Austin, TX. Number three would be San Francisco, CA. Number two Dallas, TX…and number one is Denver, CO and Struach’s lacrosse camp.

Young, handsome, wise, a young and successful Real Estate expert, an investor in several restaurants and internet ventures is no surprise that Samuel Strauch is, the whole package and his Instagram photos.