Rutgers Cancer Institute Establishes Omar Boraie Chair

In a bid to propel research on precision medicine, the Rutgers Cancer Institute ( has established the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science.

Genomic science is an important part of the higher education, and its advancement is crucial. That is the reason why the Institute established the 18 chair challenge campaign to raise funds for the advancement of the discipline.

Omar Boraie was one of the 18 chairs that made a pledge for supporting the Institute. He pledged $1.5 million towards the campaign. That is what has led to the establishment of a chair under his name. Dr. Shridar Ganesan, MD, associate director for the translational science have been named to this chair. He is also the principal investigator of the precision medicine.

It is a new medical approach that will analyze and also treat the cancer cells on a genetic level. This will help the medical personnel to prescribe individualized therapies.

The former president of the United States Barack Obama announced the launch of a National Precision Medicine Initiative during one of his State of the Nation address. This initiative will be focused on finding a cure for cancer and other terminal diseases.

There are different centers that are using the next-generation treatment. However, it is only Rutgers Cancer Institute that is dealing with genomic science and precision medicine. Genomic science has played an important role in the establishing treatments for the rare cancer tumors. Precision medicine will help in the classification of the cancer tumors in subgroups with similar characteristics.

Boraie said that he is hopeful that his pledge will make a significant impact in the Institute. He supports the research being done to establish a therapy treatment for the patients who are no longer responding to medication.

The Rutgers Cancer Institute is the first State-owned National Cancer Institute which is Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Institute is dedicated to improving the treatment of the different cancer tumors. The State University of New Jersey and the Cancer Institute of New Jersey are part of the Institute.

The scientists in the institute bring their research into reality by using the translational approach to their research.

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