Julie Zuckerberg’s Exemplary Career In Talent Acquisition

In most cases, people confuse talent acquisition with recruitment. Recruitment is a subset of talent acquisition that involves filling vacancies at an organization. Talent acquisition is a strategy of identifying, attracting and acquiring the ideal candidates to execute specified roles in a company. This process involves employment-branding, outreach, networking and establishing relationships with potential candidates. The strategic business function of talent acquisition is connected to the long-term organizational outcomes where companies look to meet the dynamic needs of a business in an efficient and effective manner. Companies that employ talent acquisition strategies are agile and competitive in the industry. This approach is more concerned with connecting relevant talents to specific business needs at a specific time. With proper talent acquisition strategies, businesses improve their performance, growth and are well placed to survive competition. Most functional business unit have employed talent acquisition experts to manage the entire process of recruiting and retaining employees for enhanced productivity and profitability.

Julie Zuckerberg

With more than 10 years of experience, Julie Zuckerberg has had a distinguished career in talent acquisition industry. She is the executive recruitment lead at Deutsche Bank where she coaches and advises recruitment executive groups. In addition, she oversees the recruitment of MD level persons and spearheads negotiations. Julie is in charge of business management and client management. She upholds best practices in the hiring processes. Julie is an alumnus of the City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she studied philosophy. She proceeded to New York Law School to study law. Julie started her career as a director of candidate placement at Hudson. Here, she worked for five years. Julie was responsible for recruiting case managers, support staff, attorneys and paralegals. Her legal training helped her to serve as the intermediary of the employees and management. During work-related conflicts, she played an instrumental role of helping both parties to employ a legal framework that would result in amicable solutions. Later, Julie joined Citi Global Consumer Bank in New York where she served as the executive recruiter. Here, she was in charge of advising the management on recruitment strategies and compensation trends to make the company competitive. She also spearheaded talent acquisition where she successfully participated in negotiation of equity buyouts, immigration, clawbacks, and relocation. Moreover, Zuckerberg managed the expatriate process and international relocation.

During her tenure at Citi Global, she gained immense knowledge and experience in recruitment where she developed a keen eye for identifying potential candidates. Being able to handle top-level recruitment for Citi and its subsidiaries helped her to learn more about legal issues, compliance, management, audit and the recruitment process. She left Citi to join New York Life Insurance Company where her role was to provide full life cycle recruiting support for all staffing procedures in the company. In addition, Julie worked with the senior management in creating business strategies, planning and providing viable solutions. She strongly believes that recruiting the right people and reducing attrition is one of the core elements for a business’ success. Over the years, she has been using her experience in talent acquisition and recruitment to offer insights to interested parties. This information was originally mentioned on Spout server website.

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