Sawyer Howitt’s Outstanding Business Approach

     Sawyer Howitt who is a young entrepreneur acquired knowledge and skills from his father. David Howitt, his father, is the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of Meriwether Group. Sawyer Howitt proves to have an interest in the business venture. Sawyer Howitt works towards bringing his interests into reality. Sawyer has been involved in several undertakings. He started as a business strategy analyst at RFID Checkpoint. Later, Sawyer joined management consulting firm. In the company, Sawyer Howitt worked as the company’s project manager. Sawyer learned a lot about customer relationships when he worked in the customer service department at KURE Juice.

At 17 years of age, Sawyer became an intern. He was focused because he still managed to pursue his high school diploma. As an intern, Sawyer obtained a variety of business skills including meeting note taking, developing data spreadsheets and filing. Sawyer plans to use these experiences in the future to establish his own company where he will mentor future upcoming entrepreneurs.

Sawyer possesses the same strength he has in business in education. He has a plan to advance his studies and become a learned individual. Sawyer Howitt wants to study at Columbia University. Sawyer plans to specialize in entrepreneurship and finance. Sawyer’s role model is his father, David Howitt. Sawyer’s presence is highly valued in his father’s company as Sawyer is the project manager at Meriwether Group. He also helps starting companies to develop into big organizations.

Sawyer has also learned the value of serving other people. He is a philanthropist who helps support women rights and educational funding. Sawyer is currently active in the formation and management of charitable non-profitable organizations. Sawyer Howitt provides key things that young entrepreneurs need to know. Sawyer postulates that teens enjoy a level of physical resilience and energy that is usually unmatched.

Sawyer says that whenever one has a business idea, it is advisable to start it immediately. He says there is no right moment of doing any task. For businesses that require new employees, Sawyer suggests hiring the right ones. Sawyer also suggests that it is important to keep employees happy. To be successful, an entrepreneur has to maintain his focus. According to Sawyer, distractions are a hindrance to prosperity.

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